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  • "I was recommended by a dentist friend of the family. The service quality was EXCEPTIONAL in every way. There were no problems that needed to be resolved, which speaks volumes! All went very well! We would highly recommend you to all our family and friends who require your services."

    Claude Clement

  • "I chose Angela for denture care after a crown was put on a molar and my partial denture fit poorly. I began having a lot of pain in my jaw and was unable to enjoy eating anything other than soft foods. Some time later, I was referred to Angela and immediately felt very comfortable with her. She was very kind, thorough, and understanding of my situation. She explained that when there were any changes with the structure of the mouth and permanent teeth, dentures will be affected and should be checked. Angela offered all this at a free consultation! She began the process of making a new partial denture and very quickly fitted me with my new teeth. Angela lightened my load with fine professional care. I would certainly recommend her to my family and friends. Thank you, Angela!"

    Carol Gunn

  • "The Sault Algoma Denture Clinic is definitely the right and best place to have any treatment done. I chose to have your denture care because of the positive and excellent comments from a friend. Word of mouth goes a long way. The quality of your service and comfort, including staff, was a perfect ten. The problems were all resolved, making me very happy and satisfied. I would not hesitate at all to recommend treatment at your clinic to family and friends with ease. Thanks for the excellent job done!"

    Don Kniahnicki

  • "Initially, my dentist referred me to the Sault Algoma Denture Clinic, and I must say, I'm very happy he did! Angela, Rene, and the staff have made my experience a really pleasant and satisfying one. Any problems I had were quickly resolved. I would not hesitate to recommend this denture clinic to anyone and have done so many times."

    Marilyn Mills

  • "Dear Angela, the clinic on Bay Street referred me to you. My plate fits very well and no problems with them at all. I told many people about you! I've had many compliments on them and how nice they look!"

    Adele Bois

  • "I would recommend Angela to anybody that I knew required dentures. We must not forget the secretary, Rene. She is a wonderful, helpful, and understanding person who schedules the appointments as soon as possible. I love you both, Angela and Rene. I feel like you are a part of my family since I am able to smile with pride now that I have beautiful teeth! Thank you very much, from the bottom of my heart."

    Debbie Bell

  • "I have had a wonderful experience with the Sault Algoma Denture Clinic. Angela has assisted me with my dentures immensely as I had an issue because I lost a large amount of weight in a short period of time. Unfortunately, my bottom gums were affected by the weight loss. Angela was very caring since I'm so young and lost all of my teeth, I needed dentures. I feel that your teeth have a lot to do with your appearance and affects your self-esteem. Angela was so patient with me and after two relines on my bottom denture, I am now able to eat anything with small exceptions. Through all of that, Angela remained professional and stood by me and was very understanding through this long process. She did not get frustrated with me at all; she is just a wonderful, caring, and understanding professional!"


  • "The reason I chose to have my denture care with Sault Algoma Denture Clinic was Dr. Santana highly recommended your clinic to me. I must say, I was very pleased and greeted warmly by your staff. I felt very comfortable and at ease as I'm a very nervous patient. Angela Hewson explained everything to me and showed me examples of what she would be doing in my mouth. She was very informative and very professional - excellent! I was very excited and pleased when I got my denture and saw the results. I would recommend my family and friends to have treatment completed by your clinic anytime! Thank you very much for everything, Sault Algoma Denture Clinic, Angela, and Rene! Keep up the great work!"

    Page Caputo

  • "Hello Angela! We were referred to you by Dr. Nanne. First, you made dentures for my sister-in-law. Then we had you build my wife a new full upper denture and a partial lower. You also did two partials for myself. The finished product is A-OK! Number one! Good work!"

    Gloria & Leslie Russell

  • "I had to have a tooth pulled on the bottom, in which I have a partial plate, and it would leave a hole. Dr. Ed Grodecki advised me to go upstairs to the Denture Clinic and ask if they could add the tooth to my partial. The answer was yes. I got thinking about it and decided to have a whole new set made, as mine were 20 years old and worn out. They were very helpful and not pushy. I had a problem with chewing at first but Angela fixed it and made sure that I was well satisfied. I would highly recommend the Sault Algoma Denture Clinic to all friends and family. It's a warm and friendly atmosphere. Why, if you even want a hug, they will give you one. I had not met them before but now I feel that I've known them all my life."

    Dollie Aubin

  • "I was referred to the Sault Algoma Denture Clinic by my family dentist. I was more than impressed by the service of the clinic. The staff was very pleasant and had no problem answering any questions I had. They made any reservations I had about going to their clinic or having the procedure done disappear. I would definitely recommend ANYONE to have treatment completed with this clinic."


  • "I chose your denture clinic because a friend of mine was completely satisfied with your service. I would recommend my family and friends, if needed, to use your clinic. You and your staff treated me with kindness and were very professional. Your service took time and patience when treating me and you gave me valuable advice as to what to expect. I would recommend your clinic to anyone."

    Don Sadowski

  • "I chose your clinic because I shopped around and your price was the best. Also, I knew that you were new and that means you would probably be up on all the newest technical aspects. I was personally pleased that you gave me all of my options at the free assessment. I felt very comfortable with your staff. I was given an appointment within two weeks of calling the office. I came to you because I had a denture that did not fit well and kept breaking. After two meetings with you, I agreed to go ahead with a new denture. Impressions were taken; I returned to be fitted again. I received my denture within one month. They fit perfectly and I was told if anything was wrong, I could call and come in for adjustments at no added cost to me. I am very pleased and will definitely continue to do business with your clinic and definitely refer you to anyone I hear that needs your services. Thank you!"

    Jennifer Falkins

  • "I wish to commend you for your professional and considerate demeanor when attending to my wife at the F.J. Davey Home. Any apprehensions I had about this examination were quickly dispelled once you began. Your recommendation that her existing dentures are adequate and that replacement of them would likely cause my wife more frustration than any small improvement to the denture(s) might offset spoke volumes, in my opinion, about your professional integrity and consideration for your client. You represent your profession very well. I will recommend you without hesitation should the opportunity arise."


  • "I just happened to try this clinic because I was in need of new dentures and I'm sure glad I did! Everyone in the office is great - they make you feel like family! Angela made a lot of improvements on my new dentures compared to my old ones. I feel like a new man now! I only had to return two times for adjustments. I had a bad underbite on my old dentures and Angela corrected that for me so now you don't notice it. I would highly recommend her! Good work!"

    Ron Turgeon

  • "I was referred to this denture clinic from my family dentist. My experience with Angela and her staff was nothing but excellent. Her friendly and professional demeanor made me feel quite comfortable. Let's face it - any foreign object that someone has to put in their mouth is never a comfortable situation. Angela explained all my options and was able to fit my partial so it would be as comfortable and natural looking as possible. It will take time to get used to but I am very pleased with the way they look and feel. I would recommend the Sault Algoma Denture Clinic to anyone who needs dentures. Thank you, Angela."


  • "The staff at Sault Algoma Denture Clinic are very kind and helpful. The process of losing any of your natural teeth can be very daunting but having someone who is very patient, understanding, and accommodating working with you to help you through the transition definitely helps! Angela makes all efforts to listen to your concerns and ensures that you are happy with the results. There was a time that I had to get my entire partial re-done and Angela worked hard to get the entire thing completed in such a short period of time so that I wouldn't be without my denture for very long at all! I would highly recommend the Sault Algoma Denture Clinic to anyone. They listen to your needs and provide excellent, caring service to make sure you are satisfied. Instead of focusing on losing your own teeth, they focus on building your new smile the way you would like them to be, giving you a new reason to smile!"

    Miss Evans

  • "The service I received was very satisfactory. I got new teeth on top and bottom. I would recommend to go to the Sault Algoma Denture Clinic. I was looked after by the nice ladies."

    Harold McQuarrie

  • "I chose to have my dentures done by Angela because she was new and I heard from my dentist office's hygienist that she was a great denturist to deal with good prices. Boy, was I right on the money! What a wonderful lady to deal with - always a smile. The quality of service was beyond belief; any time I encountered any problems she was there to fix it for me. Sometimes I had to visit two to three times to fit my needs, but I always pleased when she was finished. The problem that brought me to her was that my denture was 30 years old and they hurt all the time when I wore them. She resolved my problem by fitting me with the perfect-fitting plate and it matched perfectly with the colour of my original teeth on the bottom. As a very happy customer of Angela's, I would not hesitate to recommend her to family and friends for their denture needs. She will go above and beyond her duties to make sure her clients are happy and comfortable with the dentures she has made for them. You can tell the love and pride she dedicates to her work. Thank you, Angela, for the beautiful smile you bring to my face every day!"

    Harley Witty

  • "I would be honoured to share my experience with anyone that has an interest or need in having denture care done with Sault Algoma Denture Clinic. My dentist, Dr. Detert, recommended Angela Hewson to me. I had recently required dental surgery and needed extensive denture care as a result. The reception that I received from Angela and staff at the Sault Algoma Denture Clinic was phenomenal. The staff is very welcoming, professional, and highly competent. My first appointment was a consultation and my procedure was explained in detail. All questions were answered with great knowledge and in a very understanding way. At that point I knew this was the denture clinic best for me. My denture care was completed with expertise. I have recommended the Sault Algoma Denture Clinic to family and friends; they were also satisfied with their experiences. If I require any further denture care, I would not hesitate to call the Sault Algoma Denture Clinic. Thanks for such great service, and keep up the great work, Angela!"

    Pat & Bob Schinners

  • "Angela, I noticed your ad in the newspaper when you first opened your practice and have been totally happy with the quality of services. You are approachable and pleasant to deal with, and I have had the pleasure of recommending you to others. Your quality of service is top-notch, and when I have had a problem, you never made me feel like I was complaining needlessly. You've always been so willing to help resolve the problem. I had problems with a bottom partial and no questions were asked in order to have a new one made. Your receptionist, Rene, and all of your staff have always been cheerful and respectful, and I know it reflects your high standard of service. I wish you all the best as you continue serving the citizens of Sault Ste. Marie with the utmost quality of care."

    Linda Reid

  • "I chose to have my denture care treatment with Angela because I was referred by my periodontist, Dr. Chan. I have been very happy with the service. Very professional and very caring! I would highly recommend to my family and friends. Always accommodating."

    Sharon F. L. Power

  • "After I had my teeth out, Sault Algoma Denture Clinic was recommended to me by Dr. Wong. I was nervous and self-conscious about contacting them. I finally got up enough courage to contact them. They were very friendly and helpful and never made you feel judged or bad at all. Each and every time I needed something done or was worried about something, they didn't hesitate to see me, even on short notice. They never made me feel bad for not knowing what the problem might be. My problems weren't drastic or serious after I got my dentures but they worried me. My first problem was that the dentures caused a pressure sore spot and they gave me answers why this happened and fixed it right away. My second problem was that I had a build-up of plaque on my denture and they showed me a product to clean them to keep the buildup off of my dentures. I would most definitely recommend my friends or family to this clinic because they treat you like family and are very friendly and helpful. Thanks so much!"

    Bernadette Bakker

  • "My bottom plate needed to be replaced. I went to a different denture clinic and I was told that they could not make just the bottom denture - that you needed to make both together. It was more expensive than I was comfortable paying for both. When I went to the Sault Algoma Denture Clinic, I explained my situation and they made me just the bottom denture, which was more affordable for me. I am well satisfied with the denture and the service. I would highly recommend them."

    Frank Vanderloo

  • "Why Angela Hewson? A friend recommended her to me. I am happy I accepted that recommendation. Angela is a kind person, caring about her patients' comfort and well-being. She is meticulous in her work and strives for excellence. After being fitted, I returned for one minor adjustment. Best set of store-bought teeth I ever had. Certainly I would recommend her. Thank you!"

    Jim W.

  • "I would highly recommend Sault Algoma Denture Clinic! They are very professional and thorough with treatment and care. I needed a complete new upper denture after many years with an old one. I decided on this clinic because I was very happy after having repairs done to my original denture. Their complete goal is to make sure you have a good, healthy fit. I had three or four appointments for making the mold, proper fitting, and perfect shade of white. I have my own bottom teeth, so shade of course was important. They stressed how important a good fit is and to return immediately if the denture was not comfortable. I have adjusted to the denture with no problems and feel good with great comfort and a confident smile. I would highly recommend the denture clinic, knowing that your complete satisfaction is their goal and it will be met."

    Judi R.

  • "I chose your clinic because you were the only one who was able to help me on a Friday afternoon when no one else would help. You made me feel welcome then and every time I came back (four times( for free adjustments. Your quality of service and product is top-notch. You resolved all of my concerns and the dentures were ready on time. I'd recommend you above all others. Your office location and parking access is perfect. Your receptionist Rene is ideal at the front desk! Your staff is small; keep it there!"

    Gene Monin

  • "I was badly in need of a new denture on the top and was very self-conscious so I kept putting it off. I had holes on my old dentures and my dentist kept telling me that one day it would break. He recommended me to Sault Algoma Denture Clinic and Angela Hewson. I took the card from him and it sat on my fridge for a bit until the day came that I had a problem with my old denture. I knew this day would come. I called and booked an appointment to fix my old dentures. They were all extremely friendly and accommodated me right away. As I was there, I booked an appointment to have my new dentures made. I am extremely happy with my new set. I found Angela and her staff very friendly and made you feel very comfortable. Every time I went back to have them adjusted, they were always friendly and professional. As far as my experience, there are no improvements to be made. I found you never waited when you got there. I would definitely recommend this clinic to family and friends. Keep up the good work. Your professionalism and friendly service make your clients feel comfortable and I wouldn't hesitate to return. Thanks again!"


  • "The Sault Algoma Denture Clinic was referred to me by my dental surgeon, which was an excellent choice! This was my first time getting dentures and I was very nervous. All of the staff made me feel at ease. Their quality of service was very professional and courteous. All of my questions and concerns were answered immediately. Any problems I had were handled quickly and efficiently. I would highly recommend the Sault Algoma Denture Clinic to everyone, as I have already been doing. They also have really nice pens that they give away, which is how I advertise and refer people to them. Call them today! My teeth are very natural looking and I feel comfortable with them."


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