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Losing Your Teeth

Losing your teeth can be very difficult to accept.  Moving into a prosthetic set of teeth has limitations and you should be aware of what to expect with life with dentures.  You are not alone and we can help restore your smile! We are here to help and give you options to make the transition a little easier for you to understand.

Did you know that 1 in 5 adults between the ages of 60-79, experience some type of tooth loss? 
If you have been missing teeth for years, you do not need to told that wearing dentures can be debilitating and somewhat of a challenge the more years you have to wear them. This can sometimes cause physiological and psychological effects.  

Consequences of Tooth Loss:

  • withhold talking or smiling, anxiety and social isolation
  • decreased self confidence
  • premature aging
  • negative self-image
  • speech is altered 
  • compromised eating foods
  • decreased chewing abilities = GI disease or Chronic inflammation 
  • Bone Loss + Facial Deformation

Bone loss is 4x faster on the mandible (lower) than the maxilla (upper). Bone loss happens in any area that a tooth is lost.

Good News Implants will prevent further bone loss to help:

  • increase self confidence 
  • feel confident while socializing
  • feel open, outgoing and eager to participate in life 
  • eat more foods that are hard and crunchy 
  • resolve GI issues 
  • fill out your cheeks, mouth and lips

It is important to remember that no 2 mouths are the same.  You may know someone who wears a similar set of dentures as you even someone we may have treated before.  All mouths and the treatment they require, are unique and the expectations are based on you as an individual.

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