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Denture Care

Dentures don’t last forever – no matter how well you take care of them – and should be checked by a Denturist annually to assess for signs of wear and ill fit.  Dentures should be replaced every 5-10 years.  Do our “Self-Test” under the “Patients” tab on the webpage.  

Keep your fit optimal
Ensuring your fit is optimal, will avoid problems from manifesting. 
The effects of wearing loose dentures can be irreversible and may even cause severe tissue problems that can often lead to surgical interventions to correct.   This type of damage is caused by longer-term friction on the tissues.  

Taking care of your dentures should never be a complicated task. 
Keep these tips in mind when caring for your dentures:

  • Remove your dentures when you go to sleep
  • ONLY clean your dentures with products that are made specifically for dentures – no toothpastes!
  • Soaking your dentures in a bacteria-reducing solution is a good habit. Ensure you are following the instructions carefully
  • Always brush your dentures before soaking them at the end of the day
  • Pay special attention to ensuring your own natural teeth are cleaned as well if you are wearing a partial denture. There is nothing about a well-fitted partial that will cause your teeth to fail or to decay if you have adequate brushing techniques and habits.  

For more information or to answer your questions about how to best care for your dentures, make an appointment with us to educate you on how to get the most life out of your dentures. 

Removing Stains & Build-up
There are pigments and staining agents in some of the food we eat and liquids we drink.  Some of these stains become difficult to remove from dentures.  If you find that you are collecting a stain, tartar or plaque on your dentures, avoid trying at-home remedies in attempt to remove them.  Ask us today about professional grade stain removers and methods that you can use to keep your dentures sparkling like new.  We use and can provide a product called Renew.  Most stains can be removed by doing a 20 minute soak in this product.  Ask us today for a free sample! 

Broken Dentures
Please read the Repairs + Relines section.  

Because dentures support on the soft tissues of your mouth, you may develop some sores on your gums while wearing your dentures.  If your dentures are new and you are developing sores during your transition period, please call to schedule an appointment for an adjustment.  We can make the dentures feel more comfortable and give you some tips to prevent the issue from getting worse.  If you are developing sores on dentures that you have been wearing for years, this is a warning sign that something is wrong if it lasts longer than a week.  Please call to make an appointment for an adjustment.

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