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Consultations + Exams

Consultations are generally 30 minutes to an hour.  During that time, one of our Denturists will review basic information about the services we offer and how we may be able to help you.  You can express your concerns or goals from seeking treatment within our clinic.  Should you wish to proceed with discussing more personal options and how we can create a treatment plan specific to your needs, we would then complete a New Patient Exam.  If time allows, we can start the exam at the same appointment as your Consultation.  

Why do I need an exam?

Once you choose to proceed with treatment, we will do a thorough examination, in which a fee will apply.  Any new patient beginning treatment requires a thorough exam of not only their dentures but their tissues, and overall oral situation.  We will educate you on your oral health and then give you professional guidance in choosing the denture that best suits your lifestyle and needs.  In order to complete a thorough exam, we will review dental and medical history, the goals you have for improvements, and educate you on the most suitable options.  A new patient file is then created, along with a treatment plan with an information package designed for your needs.  We will address concerns and help direct toward improvements. 
Our caring staff and friendly environment ensure that you are at ease and that you receive the most thorough information that we can provide you with.  We will discuss particulars regarding cost, payment, procedure length and expectations.  Should you decide to proceed with treatment, paperwork and consents will be completed at the end of your visit. 

* Depending on the treatment that is best for you, further exams may be required to fully assess your situation.  This may involve you visiting another dental specialist in combination with our clinic.  We will ensure that you are fully aware and comfortable with the outlined treatment. 

We canít wait to give you your smile back!

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