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Immediate Dentures

What is an immediate denture?

You have just learned that you will be losing teeth and your temporary option is to have a transitional denture made so you will not be without teeth for any period of time.  

We would take an impression of your mouth before your natural teeth are removed. We also record any measurements and take photos necessary to build your denture.  We often try to fabricate the denture in the likeness of your natural teeth and make any modifications you wish.  The completed temporary denture is then ready in time for your appointment with the dentist, who will extract your teeth and place the denture. 
The process of building this temporary denture is not the same as getting a standard set of dentures. This type of denture is typically temporary and is meant to be worn while you heal and your gums resorb/reform, after which time you would then consider a permanent denture.  

Denture adjustments may be necessary as you are healing.  Your tissues will recede which will require follow-up appointments to monitor the fit and make sure that there are no signs of infection following extractions.  A temporary liner (also known as a tissue conditioner) is placed in the denture within a few months of extractions to due to bone and gum changes, causing the denture to be loose.  The rate in which your gums change will minimize with time but should be expected.  After the healing time is complete and the tissues are not changing so quickly, a permanent denture will be made or a reline will be completed.  Your specific situation will determine what will best suit your needs. 


  • No downtime without teeth in your mouth
  • Contains swelling and bleeding post-surgery
  • Eliminates disruption in schedule and lifestyle
  • Typically, quite successful with little concerns


  • Not a perfect fit at the start, as the gums and bone will change shape quickly
  • Cost to maintain after the denture is inserted, are added fees when further treatment is necessary
  • It is typically a temporary solution before a permanent prosthetic is made.
  • May cause some initial discomfort
  • Esthetics may be compromised due to not being able to try the dentures in before teeth are extracted

Talk to one of our Denturists today to see if this is a suitable option for you! 

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