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Implant Dentures

What is an implant?
An implant is a prosthetic tooth root that is placed in the jawbone.  Implants provide a foundation for stabilizing or replacing teeth – this could be a crown, bridge or a denture.

Benefits of Implants:

  • Last many years with proper care; can last a lifetime in most situations
  • Restore ability to chew the foods you need & want to eat
  • Supports full and partial dentures – no loose & unstable dentures
  • Prevents further bone loss
  • Brings you closer to having your own teeth
  • Prevents bone resorption/shrinking in areas of implants
  • Single, most effective treatment for ill-fitting or loose dentures are implants.
  • Halts the aging appearance and wrinkles caused by missing teeth and bone loss
  • Eat + laugh+ sing + swim without your dentures holding you back
  • NO MORE denture adhesives

Can YOU have implants? Let’s get personal with your treatment. While not everyone is a candidate for implants, those who are, will enjoy a more carefree, confident, comfortable lifestyle while wearing dentures.  The cost of implants has become more affordable – ask today about how to transform your life and rejuvenate confidence. It is a lifetime of enjoyment from your investment! We can help you determine if implants are a solution for you.

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