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Partial Dentures

Missing some natural teeth, negatively impacts how you feel about yourself, how you interact with others and how your mouth functions.  If you are missing more than one tooth, you may benefit from a partial denture.  Your bite is a complex unit that quickly loses strength and function if a tooth is lost.  It is VITAL to replace these teeth regardless of where the missing tooth is in your mouth to prevent a domino effect of issues.  The pressures of chewing and speaking can cause existing teeth to shift rapidly if the spaces are not filled.   Restoring a natural appearance and improving your chewing and speaking are a few of the many benefits of partials.  

Partial dentures are either tooth-supported or tissue and tooth supported.  There are significant differences between the two types and the expectations of both can be explained to you during your consultation.  The number of teeth you have remaining, their positioning and their stability are all factors that will determine the type of partial that suits you best.  

There are various types of partial styles and materials that they can be fabricated with including acrylics, metals and some hypoallergenic flexible materials.  Partial dentures may be fabricated with a combination of different materials including acrylics, metals and thermoplastic nylon.  Partials are often made out of plastic to temporarily replace missing teeth during a transitional period.  Cast partials are a more rigid appliance for long-term fit and wear as they are sub-structured out of chrome cobalt or titanium for biocompatibility.

  • Partials will preserve your natural bite
  • Partials can prevent further tooth loss if the fit is maintained
  • Replacing missing teeth, especially in the back of your mouth, will prevent long term jaw complications
  • Partials will prevent the shift and migration of your other natural teeth
  • Partials can aid in maintaining the remainder of your natural teeth not causing harm to them when a proper fit is maintained.  

Remember that maintaining fit, stability and comfort of your partial(s) is important. Maintaining your regular dental visits are also very important!

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