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Complete Dentures

The idea of having to wear dentures should not be daunting. We will guide you through the steps in building your dentures to ensure you will have a confident, natural looking smile. You will be involved with the decision-making process of the size, shape, and colour of teeth. The denture-making process can take anywhere from three to four weeks, depending on the individual case. All denture work is customized and fabricated onsite in our lab.

Any type of new denture can be challenging to get used to. Whether it is your first denture, or you have been wearing dentures for years, we will do our best to ensure that you’re comfortable with your dentures and we will gladly see you back for adjustments should you require them. Dentures do not function as well as our natural teeth do. Be patient while you are learning how to adjust with your new dentures.

At our clinic, we offer a wide variety of denture service.  During your consultation, your Denturist will determine what your specific needs are and discuss the various types of complete dentures we offer to satisfy your specific requirements.  Proper fitted dentures will be compatible with your sensitive tissues, boost your confidence and restore your smile.  Premium, personalized, quality dentures instill confidence and provide optimum function while eating, laughing and speaking.

For the average patient, standard dentures fit comfortably. They are designed using basic tooth shades, shapes and standard quality materials and methods.  Some denture patients who have an unusual bite or unique situation, may require a more personalized denture that utilizes premium materials and precision techniques.  

We use specialized instruments to record the unique measurements of your jaws, the movements your jaws make, and all anatomical information that may affect the function of your new dentures.  You will get a chance to see your dentures before they are completed to ensure your satisfaction.  We work together to restore your natural lip and facial structure, overall function and confidence!
Ask your Denturist about what type of dentures will suit you best!

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