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What is A Denturist?

Denturists are specifically trained in the complete fabrication and specialized denture care of many variations. Denturists practise independently as a Regulated Health Profession in Canada.  As Denturists, we take impressions, measurements and personalize each denture for each of your individual needs.  Unlike traditional dental offices, we do not outsource our work to a third-party dental lab to fabricate the dentures we customize and handcraft your smile in our on-site lab.  Creating prosthetics is one part of our job, but creating smiles that fit each individual, their personality, facial features and their unique lifestyle situation, is our ultimate objective!  We are committed to offering the most effective, personalized treatment options available to you.  Our on-site lab gives us the opportunity to offer same day relines and repairs to get you back to your everyday life with little down-time.
Denturists do NOT perform oral surgery or standard dental treatments such as extractions, fillings or any alterations to natural teeth.  We work alongside some of the best oral surgeons, specialists and dentists in our area to provide a collaborative treatment plan to restore your quality of life!

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